Dillon Danis was involved in not one but two altercations at the weigh-ins of Misfits Boxing event scheduled to take place on Nov.19th, 2022.

Dillon Danis : Altercation | punched in face | next fight

Danis is a jiu-jitsu black belt and MMA fighter from New York best known for his no-gi jiu-jitsu and grappling matches and his association with UFC champion Conor McGregor.

Dillon Danis : Altercation | punched in face | next fight

Danis (2-0 MMA) has had just two professional bouts since signing with Bellator in 2018 and hasn’t fought since a 2019 submission victory over Max Humphrey at Bellator 222.

Dillon Danis altercation

YouTube star KSI was in Texas to promote his latest Misfits Boxing card, and was confronted by notorious troll Danis who punched the Briton, with chaotic scenes unfolding at the weigh-in

New footage has shown a close-up of the row between KSI and Dillon Danis with the MMA star punching his rival on stage.

YouTube star KSI is currently in Texas to promote the latest card of his Misfits Boxing series and oversaw the weigh-in with the likes of Hasim Rahman Jr and Deen The Great tipping the scales.

Dillon Danis : Altercation | punched in face | next fight

He is set to announce his next fight this weekend, and potential opponent Danis arrived at the weigh-in to confront his rival.

Danis went on stage to talk to KSI who had just completed proceedings on stage, before chaos descended after Danis threw a sucker punch which saw the YouTube star become incensed.

A new video posted by promoter Kalle Sauerland showed the altercation unfolding on stage and how it began.

Dillon Danis punched in face 

Dillon Danis continued to stir up drama in the combat sports world on Friday.

After getting into a heated and nearly physical encounter with MMA star Nate Diaz outside of Madison Square Garden in New York this past weekend at UFC 281, Danis found himself in multiple more confrontational situations a few days later.

Dillon Danis : Altercation | punched in face | next fight

Danis, who was in Austin, Texas for Saturday’s “DAZN X Series 0003 Misfits Boxing’” event, came face-to-face with YouTube standout and part-time boxer KSI.

The pair exchanged words, and KSI dared Danis to put hands on him while they were surrounded by media members.

It didn’t take long for Danis to oblige, because he slapped the hat off KSI’s head to spark a scuffle that was quickly deescalated by security.

As Danis was escorted outside, he was led into another headed situation. MMA and boxing veteran Anthony Taylor, who has been a past training partner of Jake Paul, and a gaggle of others were outside the hotel, and the emotions blew up from there.

Taylor chased after Danis in the midst of a crowd and landed a right hand that caused the decorated jiu-jitsu fighter and two-time Bellator veteran to briefly stumble backward. He got into it with another fighter before space was created.

Ultimately, Danis was ushered out of the area as things simmered, and he made his way further from the situation.

Next fight 

Dillon Danis remains a question mark for Bellator President Scott Coker.

Dillon Danis : Altercation | punched in face | next fight

It’s been more than three years since the jiu-jitsu standout and grappling coach of Conor McGregor stepped into the cage, and Coker isn’t sure whether he’ll ever return.

“Dillon is a kid we had a lot of high hopes for,” said Coker at the post-event press conference for Bellator 285 in Dublin.

Coker’s use of the past tense is a good indicator of where Bellator stands after many fits and starts. Knee injuries sent Danis to the sidelines, and he’s gotten far more more attention over the past few years for his feuds with fighters and industry vets.

In February, Coker welcomed the idea of putting Danis on a card in Ireland, where presumably he would draw support from the community where he has ties due to his relationship with McGregor.

Seven months later, the Bellator president is no closer to booking Danis.

“He’s super-talented, jiu-jitsu fighter, but he’s got to stay active, and he’s got to want to come back,” Coker said.

“He calls me, he wants to come back, and then sometimes, I don’t hear from him for months. If he’s really serious about coming back, we’ll definitely have a spot for him, and we’ll definitely make an opportunity for him.”

Whatever support Danis has lacked from fans, he’s more than made up for in haters who hate his personality and want to see him fail. In that respect, they’ve had quite of ammunition after his arrest on disorderly conduct charges.

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