Badminton and tennis are sports that are widely played all over the world. So check out the difference between tennis and badminton.

Difference Between Tennis and Badminton

Badminton is often compared to tennis since the two games share several similar characteristics. Both sports involve a two-sided court divided by a net through the middle, and players use a racket in both games.

Difference Between Tennis and Badminton

However, several important differences separate the two sports, and learning about them can determine which may serve as a better option for you.

Although both games require players to use rackets, tennis uses a fuzzy yellow-green ball as its primary object, while badminton uses a plastic object called a shuttlecock (or “birdie”).

Both games allow for individual competition if you choose to play one-on-one, and both allow for “doubles” or two-on-two competition.

Nature of Play

The nature of play in each of these sports is also different.

Difference Between Tennis and Badminton

A tennis player can manipulate the ball in so many ways by using different racket spins. Badminton players, on the other hand, aim to drop every shot they make.

In addition, a hollow ball is used in tennis while a shuttlecock is used in badminton.


Both badminton and tennis can lead to vigorous activity. Tennis courts are larger than badminton courts, so tennis tends to lead to more exertion. Of course, another difference is in the net’s height; the badminton net is about 5 feet high, but the tennis net is much closer to the ground.

Difference Between Tennis and Badminton

Learning about the differences between tennis and badminton can help you choose the game best suited for a given day or a new hobby.

The weight of Badminton / Tennis Racket 

Rackets are the most important gear for players to play in any racket game. The badminton racket design is different from tennis rackets, and their weight is also different.





80g – 100g (2.8 – 3.5 ounces)

255g – 365g (9 – 13 ounces)


4.75g – 5.50 g (0.168 – 0.194 ounces)

56.0g – 59.4 g (1.98 – 2.10 ounces)

As for tennis, the racket weight varies between 255g to 365g (9 to 13 ounces). For example, Roger Federer’s racket weights 365g/12.84oz, whereas Murray’s racket weights 345g/12.17oz.

Difference Between Tennis and Badminton

The badminton rackets are weights from 80g to 100g. Normally you will find the “U” in a badminton racket which symbolizes the racket’s weight.

Game speed

The speed of both tennis ball and shuttlecock have differences as well. Take a look at the top speeds of both:

  • Top tennis ball speed: 163mph (263kph)
  • Top shuttlecock speed: 306mph (493kph)

As you can see, both sports require extreme levels of agility and reflexes. However, a shuttlecock has been recorded to be struck at the speed of 306mph, which is just incredible.

The thing is, a shuttlecock will slow down faster than a tennis ball, so the sports aren’t as far from each other in terms of speed as it first seems like when looking at the top speeds. Still, badminton is the world’s fastest sport.

Scoring system

The scoring system also has differences. The tennis scoring system is a weird one, and you really can’t even understand it if you don’t know the meaning. Badminton’s scoring system is more traditional and straightforward.

Difference Between Tennis and Badminton

Tennis scoring

is scored as follows: 0(love), 15, 30, 40, game. If both players have 40, then the game-winner is determined with a 2 point difference. There are six games in a set and two or three sets in a match. A match is won by two set differences.

Badminton scoring is easier to understand, and it is scored normally as 1,2,3,4,5… all the way to 21. Again, if both players have 20 points, then the winner of the set is determined by a 2 point difference. Badminton matches have 3 sets, and the first one to win 2 sets is declared the winner.

Badminton vs Tennis: Conclusion

To the untrained eye, there seems to be little difference between badminton and tennis. However, when you dive deeper into each sport, you see how unique they are and what makes each one distinctly different.

Difference Between Tennis and Badminton

Badminton has a shorter, faster game. They have to keep playing with minimal breaks. Tennis has many more opportunities for breaks, but it is still a fast-paced game, with a longer time limit on most matches.

Each sport provides an excellent workout and will require you to stay in the best shape to play.

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