English was best known for organising a legendary charity fundraiser for cricket in England, through his Bunbury Festival, Passed away.

David English : Passed away | How did die | net worth

English set up Bunbury cricket club as a vehicle to raise funds for charity through which he raised £14m. The club recruited celebrities and former cricketers to play matches.

David English : Passed away | How did die | net worth

English was appointed CBE in the 2010 Birthday Honours for services to cricket and charity.

He had previously been appointed MBE in the 2003 Birthday Honours for services to charity.

He became President of RSO Records, signing artists including the Bee Gees and Eric Clapton.

English had a career in acting, appearing in the films A Bridge Too Far and Lisztomania. He wrote a series of children’s books called Bunbury Tails and a spin off animated series called The Bunbury Tails.

David English Passed away 

David English, the larger-than-life “Godfather of English cricket” – whose Bunbury schools festival has helped to foster the careers of more than 1000 first-class cricketers, including more than 125 international players – has died at the age of 76 following a heart attack.

David English : Passed away | How did die | net worth

English was a friend of the stars whose life story had to be seen to be believed. Among his claims to fame was a stint as the manager of the Bee Gees and Eric Clapton at the height of their fame in the 1970s, and production and acting roles on film and TV, including the children’s show You and Me, and credits in the 1977 second world war epic A Bridge Too Far (during which he taught Robert Redford the intricacies of cricket), as well as more prosaic roles in Emmerdale and Bergerac.

However, it was his personal involvement in cricket that has provided English’s most lasting legacy.

In 1987, he was approached by the publisher of The Cricketer magazine, Ben Brocklehurst, with a proposal to fund their annual schools festival.

He agreed, on the sole condition that it was named in honour of the Bunbury Tails … a series of children’s books that he had written about cricket-playing rabbits.

How did die 

He died of a heart attack on 12 November 2022, at the age of 76.

David English : Passed away | How did die | net worth


The following day the England cricket team playing in the 2022 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Final wore black armbands as a mark of respect.

Jos Buttler, who will lead his side out in the World Cup final against Pakistan, took to Twitter to post: “So sad to hear the news of David English passing away.

One of life’s great characters, so fun to spend time with and producer of some of the best English cricketers through his wonderful Bunbury Festivals. RIP.”

English, who in 2010 received a CBE for his services to cricket and charity, played for Marleybone CC and also worked on the ground at Lord’s.

David English : Passed away | How did die | net worth

But it was his founding of Bunbury Cricket Club, and support for the festival, which made him such an iconic figure.

Net worth 

As of 2022, his estimated net worth is approximately $7 Million. 

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