Dana White was recently given a decade to live based on his DNA analysis. Gary Brecka of 10X Health Systems pinned down White’s life.

Dana White : 10 years to live | Workout | Son | young

However, White has undergone a huge transformation following a ten-week program prescribed by Brecka. The UFC president recently told health coach Kelley Nemiro on the Balancing Chaos podcast:

Dana White : 10 years to live | Workout | Son | young

“I would wake up in the middle of the night and throw up almost every night… This guy [Brecka] has changed my life in ten weeks, I don’t snore anymore. And I sleep seven-eight hours a night now.”

White, who admittedly feels like 35 again, also showed off his ripped physique at the age of 53. Asked how much weight he had lost in the ten-week program, the UFC head honcho said:

“30 pounds. I feel like I’m 35 years old again. There’s somebody who’s listening right now who are going through the same things that I did, horrible sleeping at night, snoring, sleep apnea, borderline diabetes. I invested in him for ten weeks and this guy changed my life.”

Dana white 10 years to live 

White has claimed to have lost 30 pounds after having a wake-up call regarding his health.

Dana White enlisted Gary Brecka, owner of the Florida-based 10X Health Systems, to make a complete diagnosis of his health.

Dana White : 10 years to live | Workout | Son | young

Dana White 10 years to live program has been quick to condemn PEDs in that past. In December last year, he challenged YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul to take a test for steroids after the pair had become involved in a war of words.

In 2012, he installed a policy aimed at creating a drug-free environment within the UFC, where all incoming fighters must agree to taking drug tests prior to signing a contract with the company.

White said at the time when talking to MMA Weekly: “These guys who abuse this stuff younger and earlier in their life now have to do this stuff because their body cannot produce testosterone… so if we can stop that stuff early with these athletes that are young and have the talent to be here, we feel like we’ll win half the battles.”

Steroid use has, in the past, detracted the credibility and value of the sport and White has taken steps to change this. Chael Sonnen is just one fighter to change his views thanks to White.


Before preparing for our cover shoot, White weighed 217 pounds. By cycling his carb intake and intensifying his workouts, he dropped over 20 pounds in four weeks, weighing in at 196 on the day of the shoot. “I’m glad Men’s Fitness came along,” he says. “I need a reason to work out. I’ve been boxing my whole life, so I get bored with it sometimes. When I get bored of boxing, I’ll get more into lifting weights. We’re trying to get my bench to 315 now.”


Skips laterally around a boxing ring for a few minutes to warm up.

Three rounds.

Throws punch combinations on focus mitts for four to six rounds.

White runs on the treadmill.

Nine minutes.


White focuses on chest, shoulders, and triceps one day, then back, legs, and biceps another, alternating heavy and light days. “Chest day takes a long time,” he says. “We’re big into fuckin’ benching.”

Dana white son

Aidan White, the younger son and middle child of UFC head honcho Dana White is an amateur boxer and a football player.

Born on July 18, 2002, Aidan White is 18 years old and recently made his amateur boxing debut in 2018 at the St. Patrick’s Day Boxing Show in the Junior Golden Gloves Division.

Dana White : 10 years to live | Workout | Son | young

Fighting in the 130-pound weight class, the debutant pugilist earned a victory over Andre LeClerc. He had his father in his corner, and Lorenzo Fertitta attended the event as well.

After the bout, Dana White revealed under Muay Thai champion John Wayne Parr’s comment how Aidan White got into boxing.

“They have trained in every combat sport. For some reason a couple of months ago as soon as football season ended my son Aidan says “Dad I want a boxing fight”. I said cool let’s do it,” Dana White wrote.

Like his older brother, Dana White III, Aidan also attended Faith Lutheran High School and was part of the Crusader’s football team. He graduated from high school in May 2021 and posted pictures from the prom with his partner Ashlyn O’Connor on social media.


While working as a manager for Ortiz and Liddell, White met Bob Meyrowitz, the owner of Semaphore Entertainment Group, the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

When White learned that Meyrowitz was looking to sell the UFC, he contacted childhood friend Lorenzo Fertitta (an executive and co-founder of Station Casinos, and former commissioner of the Nevada State Athletic Commission), to ask if he would be interested in acquiring the company.

Dana White : 10 years to live | Workout | Son | young

In January 2001, Lorenzo and his older brother Frank acquired the UFC for $2 million, which subsequently became a subsidiary of Zuffa. White was installed as the company’s president.

White said that when he and the Fertittas acquired the UFC, all they received was the brand name “UFC” and an old octagon. The previous owners had stripped the company’s assets to avoid bankruptcy, so much so that the UFC.com website had been sold to a company named “User Friendly Computers”.

Over time, with White as president, the UFC developed into a highly successful business, and its gross revenue was $600 million in 2015. In July 2016, Zuffa was sold to a consortium of investors led by WME-IMG for $4.025 billion.

White owned 9% of the company at the time of the sale.White continued in his role as president, and was given a stake in the new business.

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