Cameron Mofid woke up Sunday morning with 45,000 reasons to be thankful. So have a look on Kyrie Irving donations in this article.

Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving donate $45,000.

Dallas Mavericks point guard Kyrie Irving had just dropped $45,000 to a GoFundMe account Mofid created to raise money for a school in Nigeria and an orphanage in Ghana.

Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving donate $45,000.

The Mavericks confirmed that Irving, who was traded to Dallas earlier this year, did indeed make the donation. Irving has donated over $500,000 to people’s GoFundMe accounts in the last several years.

Irving gave $50,000 each to a family of a teenage boy who was killed by police, Little Twigs as well as giving $130,000 to the family of a woman who died in Mexico under suspicious circumstances.

He also gave $50,000 to the family of University of Virginia’s Devin Chandler, who was killed in the shooting when a gunman opened fire inside a bus.

The gifts range from $13,233 to $130,000 to cover everything from education funding to funeral expenses to efforts to gain justice in high-profile cases as well as the relief efforts and international protests.

In none of the cases did Irving reveal his role … just as he hasn’t in the past whether he was financing a new home for George Floyd’s family or a water filtration plant in an arid quarter of Pakistan. Also, there’s no indication that Irving knew the beneficiary of the appeals or their families.

Many of the gifts have come during the holidays. Here’s a sampling of the most recent:

On Wednesday, Irving gave $13,233, an appeal from the family of Edward Epps who sought funding to transport his body from New York, where he reportedly died in police custody, to Shreveport, Louisiana.

Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving donate $45,000.

That give came five days after Epps mother tweeted at Irving seeking help, knowing his record.

Last Friday, Irving donated $50,000 to an appeal from the Third World Press Foundation in Chicago which for 55 years has focused on issues, themes, and critique related to an African American public.

Over the holidays, a burst pipe destroyed much of the foundation’s backlist of publications in the basement of the foundation offices.

Since December 20, Irving has been listed as the leading giver in the 12 different GoFundMe appeals. There seems to be no theme in the giving other than those appeals he funded needed immediate, even emergency, influxes of cash.

He gave $15,000 to a GoFundMe appeal from the family of a Long Island man who lost his home to a fire as well as three gifts of $22,000 each: one to a second family who lost its home to a fire, this one in Central Pennsylvania; one from the daughter of a Modesto, Calif. street singer and free speech activist seeking funeral expenses; and a third from an artist wanting to create to “a large-scale neon artwork” honoring Iranian protestors in Los Angeles, home to hundreds of thousands of Iranian-Americans.

‘His donation will provide a water tank for the school in Nigeria (so they have access to clean drinking water) and also ensures that all 351 students in the school will have shoes, uniforms, books, and backpacks.’ 

Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving donate $45,000.

Mofid says the difference in buying power between the United States and the two countries is about 10 times greater in Ghana and Nigeria – allowing him to meet his goals with only $5,000.

‘We initially raised enough to buy the land for the new orphanage in Ghana,’ Mofid explained to

‘Kyrie’s donation should be enough to fund the entire building of the orphanage as well as a sports center for the kids. 

Destiny Thompson, a sophomore Civil Engineering major, started a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising $6,000.

‘Kyrie’s donation means that we are now over 13x our initial goal of $5,000.’

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