Cricket season is in full swing with fans and followers enjoying the game, here are some cricket Records that will never be broken now.

Cricket Records That Will Never Be Broken Now.

The involvement of a large number of people in the discussions regarding cricket has led multiple well-known resources to publish articles.

These articles are on the records that cricketers have set in different tournaments.

Cricket Records That Will Never Be Broken Now.

This includes one of the most recent reports on 7 unbreakable records in IPL published by Cricket Addictor. These articles help the fans relive those moments one more time. 

Records are surely meant to be broken. But when it’s cricket, there have been outstanding performances leading to records that are not that easy to break.

Not restricting the listing to the IPLs only, here are a few cricket records that are impossible to break.

  • Maiden T20 Super Over

Difficult to believe but that’s true. Even a dot ball is considered difficult to obtain, playing a maiden super overcomes as a complete surprise.

Cricket Records That Will Never Be Broken Now.

West Indies spinner Sunil Narine became the first bowler to bowl a maiden in a super over.

In the 2014 edition, Red Steel and Guyana Amazon Warriors both finished at 118/8 and 118/9 respectively in 20 overs. (in the Caribbean Premier League) and a super over was arranged to decide on the winner of the match.

  • 19 wickets in a Test Match

Surprising but true. English cricketer Jim Laker picked up 19 wickets in a single test match against Australia in 1956.

It was an incredible achievement by the bowler who bowled 68 overs in the game while only conceding 90 runs.

The record even after so many years, acquires the top place whenever the highest wickets taken by a cricketer in a test match are talked about.

Though in 2018, Yasir Shah picked 14 wickets, still the record set by Laker is as is and is believed to remain so forever.

  • Test Career Batting Average of 99.94

Australian cricketer Don Bradman played 52 matches, scored 6996 runs, recorded 29 centuries with 13 fifties, and had set a record batting average of 99.94.

The legend played his last test match in 1948. It has been more than seven decades and no one has even dared to challenge the record set by the player.

However, next to him is young Aussie player Marnus Labuschagne with an average of 63.43, though he just scored 1459 runs to date.

Moreover, in his cricket career, Bradman also scored 100 runs in only 3 overs. This was in 1931 when the match between Blackheath and Lithgow took place.

The legend scored a century in just 18 minutes, setting an unbreakable record in the history of cricket.

  • World Cup Hattrick Wins

Australia has made a record of winning 50-over World Cups consecutively for 3 years i.e., 1999, 2003, and 2007.

All under the captaincy of Ricky Steve Waugh and the rest two under the captaincy of Ricky Ponting respectively.

For the same match, the former wicket-keeper of the team scored 50+ runs in the same three World Cup Finals, setting yet another record. The record set by the latter too is believed to remain unbreakable.

It is quite tough for one team to qualify in the World Cup finals back-to-back three times in a row.

  • Three Double-Centuries in ODIs

Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma set a record of three double centuries in ODIs.

Cricket Records That Will Never Be Broken Now.

This record has neither been repeated yet nor broken, and it is believed to be something that can hardly happen again.

  • 199 centuries in first-class cricket

No, it’s not the master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar! Of course, he has scored most centuries in International cricket.

But when it comes to scoring most centuries in first-class cricket, it is English cricketer and opening batsman Sir Jack Hobbs.

The legend scored 199 centuries along with 18 test centuries for England.

1347 International Wickets

This is an incredible achievement of Sri Lankan cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan who picked up 800 wickets in 133 tests, 534 wickets in 350 ODIs, and 13 wickets in 12 T20s.

Cricket Records That Will Never Be Broken Now.

He is the player who has collected 1347 international wickets in total, recording the highest number of wickets in the history of cricket. 

The next on the list, however, is Shane Warne who collected 1001 international wickets in total, which is almost 25% less than the highest one set by Muralitharan.

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