Bob Huggins asserted on Monday that he had never resigned as the West Virginia men’s basketball coach after. Check out his statement here.

Bob Huggins says he never resigned as West Virginia’s coach.

Former WVU Head Men’s Basketball Coach Bob Huggins has released a statement after attorneys representing him sent a letter to West Virginia University on July 7 saying WVU lied about his resignation.

Bob Huggins says he never resigned as West Virginia's coach.

Attorneys representing Huggins say Huggins never signed a formal resignation. In part, the letter to WVU reads as follows:

Coach Huggins has never communicated his resignation to [West Virginia University], the Athletic Director, or anyone at WVU.

To the contrary, we understand that the purported “resignation” is incredibly based on a text message from Coach Huggins’ wife.

The letter goes on to say that since Huggins’ Employment Agreement specifies a resignation must be signed, and no copy of a signed resignation exists, Huggins is still legally the head coach and should be able to resume active coaching duties.

WVU disputes this, with their general legal council saying they are “confused by the allegations” in the original letter.

On Monday, Bob Huggins released a statement saying he never resigned from his employment as Head Basketball Coach for WVU, and that WVU has falsely created his resignation letter to Mountaineer Nation (published June 17) under his name.

Huggins goes on to say that his delay in responding to WVU’s claims comes due to his time in a rehabilitation facility, where he currently resides until a doctor clears him to exit the facility and resume coaching duties.

He says that the notice of resignation sent to WVU (sent on June 17 to WVU Athletics from Huggins’ wife’s email account) is not acceptable under his contract of employment with the university, and that he never communicated a resignation to anyone at WVU.

Bob Huggins says he never resigned as West Virginia's coach.

Campbell details how he believes WVU has broken Huggins’ Employment Agreement, saying that the message received from his wife’s email account is not an acceptable method of resignation.

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