Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had little to say regarding his future in New England. Check out did Bill Belichick retire ?

Bill Belichick : Did retire | App state | record vs jet | Jay glazer

Belichick is a descendant of the Bill Parcells coaching tree. He began his coaching career in 1975 as an assistant for the Baltimore Colts, and became the defensive coordinator for New York Giants head coach Bill Parcells by 1985.

Bill Belichick : Did retire | App state | record vs jet | Jay glazer

Parcells and Belichick won two Super Bowls together before Belichick left to become the head coach of the Cleveland Browns in 1991.

He remained in Cleveland for five seasons but was fired following the team’s 1995 season. He rejoined Parcells, first in New England where the team lost Super Bowl XXXI, and later with the New York Jets.

After being named head coach of the Jets, Belichick resigned after only one day on the job to accept the head coaching job for the New England Patriots on January 27, 2000.

Since then, he has led the Patriots to 17 AFC East division titles, 13 appearances in the AFC Championship Game, and nine Super Bowl appearances, with a record six wins.

Overall, Belichick has won eight Super Bowl titles (the most of any individual in NFL history) and finished as runner-up four times from his combined time as an assistant and head coach.

Did Bill Belichick retire 

After the end of the season with the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick finally confirmed if he’ll retire from the NFL.

Bill Belichick finished his worst season as head coach of the New England Patriots with a 4-13 record. After the retirement of Tom Brady, nothing has been the same for the head coach.

Bill Belichick : Did retire | App state | record vs jet | Jay glazer

Mac Jones was definitely not the franchise quarterback of the future and, considering the team’s terrible performances, Belichick has been singled out as the main responsible because of his crucial role as general manager.

As a result, many rumors suggest that Bill Belichick could be fired very soon. However, the NFL legend stated this Sunday that he has no plans to retire and, as expected, it will all come down to a final meeting with owner Robert Kraft.

Though that decision is yet to be announced, Bill Belichick hinted he is not ready to retire as head coach of the NFL. So, if the Patriots fire him, the door is open for teams such as the Chargers or maybe the Commanders.

“I enjoy coaching. Like I said, it was a disappointing season. I covered that in the opening statement. That’s how I feel, but, no, I still like coaching the team. I like preparing the team, game planning, coaching on Sundays. But the results weren’t good and none of us are happy with those.”

This was his answer when asked if such a bad season had taken any wind out of his sails as far as the effort it takes to coach. Here, Belichick finally elaborated about all the controversy around his job and career.

Bill Belichick app state

Bill Belichick and the Patriots are expected to part ways following New England’s Week 18 game against the New York Jets, while the Washington Commanders are also expected to fire head coach Ron Rivera following Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer reported. 

Bill Belichick : Did retire | App state | record vs jet | Jay glazer

It’s still unclear how Belichick and the Patriots will part ways, but it may not be a traditional firing after 24 seasons and six Super Bowl titles in New England for Belichick.

“I don’t think Bill comes back there,” Glazer said. “But now, it’s just a matter of, do they decide to move apart over the next couple of days, or do they hold on and try to trade him? If they try to trade him, that would take a little bit longer. Either way, I think his tenure in New England is over.”

Belichick reportedly wants to keep coaching. As a future Hall of Famer who is widely considered one of the greatest football coaches ever, he will likely draw interest.

Following the Patriots’ 17-3 loss against the Jets on Sunday, Belichick said after the game he will sit down with New England owner Robert Kraft to discuss his future with the franchise as the pair do after every season.

Some of that interest may come from the Commanders. It has long been anticipated that new majority owner Josh Harris would clean house and fire Rivera and several other staffers whom he inherited from previous Commanders owner Dan Snyder upon taking control of the team in July. NBC Sports reported that Harris is “enamored” by Belichick, who is a native of nearby Maryland. 

Record vs jet

It’s over. The 2023 Patriots season is over, as is the team’s 15-game win streak over the New York Jets.

Both came to an end Sunday with the Patriots falling, 17-3, to the Jets on a snowy day in Foxboro. Now, everyone is left wondering if Bill Belichick’s run in New England is also over.

Bill Belichick : Did retire | App state | record vs jet | Jay glazer

The Patriots finish their disappointing season at 4-13, the team’s worst record in Belichick’s 24 seasons on the job. Belichick is set to meet with owner Robert Kraft and team president Jonathan Kraft in the coming days to discuss his future in New England.

Sunday was Belichick’s 429th game as head coach of the Patriots, a run that saw him bring six Super Bowl titles and 296 victories (regular season and playoffs) to New England.

But the Patriots have gone just 29-38 since Tom Brady left for Tampa Bay in 2020, and haven’t won a playoff game since their Super Bowl LIII win over the Los Angeles Rams in 2019.

New England has made it to the playoffs just once since Brady departed, and got crushed by the Buffalo Bills, 47-17, in the Wild Card Round to close out their 2021 season.

If Belichick’s run in New England is over, it ends with the team’s first loss to the Jets since 2015. It would end with a dud of a performance at the end of a dud of a season for New England. 

In the silver linings department, Sunday’s loss did secure a top-three pick for the Patriots in the 2024 NFL Draft. Now we’ll wait to see who will be making that selection come April.   

The Patriots started the game with four straight three-and-outs, and had a net total of negative-7 yards over their first 12 offensive plays. 

Jay glazer 

FOX Sports NFL reporter Jay Glazer believes Bill Belichick’s future in New England has already been decided.

The 54-year-old NFL insider expressed on Sunday that Belichick’s tenure with the Patriots “is over.”

Glazer was joined alongside host Curt Menefee and former NFL stars Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, Rob Gronkowski, and Jimmy Johnson.

Menefee kicked off the piece, tossing it to Glazer for his ‘Coaching carousel’ segment ahead of the NFL Week 18 games.

Glazer highlighted which coaches in the NFL this season will most likely lose their gig.

He started with Belichick and expressed he expects the NFL coaching legend and the Patriots to part ways soon.

“Look, I don’t think Bill comes back there.

“But now, it’s just a matter of, do they fire him and they decide to move apart in the next couple of days.

“Or do they try to hold on and try to trade for him.

“If you try and trade for him, that’s going to take a little longer. 

“Either way … I think his tenure in New England is over,” Glazer reported. 

Johnson then chimed, who is a well-known friend of Belichick, and shared his thoughts on his coaching future.

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