Brooklyn Nets guard Ben Simmons made his long-awaited debut with his new team on Monday after almost a year and a half away from the game.

Ben Simmons : Age | Girlfriend | Contract | Net worth

Simmons was born in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy to father Dave and mother Julie. His father is an African-American expatriate who became a naturalised citizen of Australia, and his mother is a white Australian.

Ben Simmons : Age | Girlfriend | Contract | Net worth

He was raised alongside five brothers and sisters—Melissa, Emily, Liam, Sean and Olivia—the first four being from his mother’s previous marriage.

His father played college basketball for Oklahoma City University in the United States before turning professional with the Melbourne Tigers in Australia’s National Basketball League in 1989.

Simmons was raised in Newcastle from the age of 18 months while his father played and coached in the city.

Simmons began playing basketball at the age of seven in the Newcastle Hunters’ under-12 representative team and played two more years for Lake Macquarie and Newcastle.


Benjamin David Simmons (born 20 July 1996) is an Australian professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Ben Simmons : Age | Girlfriend | Contract | Net worth

Personal information
Born 20 July 1996 (age 26 years)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
   Listed height    6 ft 11 in (2.11 m)
Listed weight 240 lb (109 kg)

He played college basketball for one season with the LSU Tigers, after which he was named a consensus first-team All-American and the USBWA National Freshman of the Year. Simmons was selected with the first overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers.

After sitting out a year due to an injured right foot, he was named the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2018 and was selected three times to the NBA All-Star Game.

As the result of a holdout from the 76ers following the 2020–21 season, which led him to be traded to the Nets, Simmons is the most-fined player in NBA history.

Ben Simmons girlfriend 

Maya Indea Jama is an English television and radio presenter. Born and raised in Bristol, she was far from the stardom and glory she basks in now.

She moved to London when she was 18 and started her pursuit of an acting career. Once she later realised that her talents would be better utilised as a presenter, she stuck to that and it paid dividends.

Ben Simmons : Age | Girlfriend | Contract | Net worth

  • Ben simmons girlfriend  : Maya Indea Jama

Before dating Ben, she was in a long-term relationship with UK Rapper Stormzy. As of November 2021, she has an Instagram following of 2.4 million.

Maya Jama is an English TV and Radio presenter. She moved from Bristol to London to pursue a media career, first as an actress, then as a TV presenter and as a fashion model.

Acting had been Jama’s first ambition, but realised that becoming a presenter might suit her better. Jama began her presenting debut as a teenager, presenting the weekly music video countdown on JumpOff.TV, and later worked for Sky UK on TRACE Sports.

She broke out in 2014 with Copa90 presenting FIFA World Cup Cities, a travelogue covering the 2014 Soccer World Cup. Since then, she has had many high profile jobs as a presenter for the BBC Network, MTV, ITV2 etc.

Ben Simmons Contract 

Ben Simmons signed a 5 year / $177,243,360 contract with the Philadelphia 76ers, including $177,243,360 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $35,448,672.

Ben Simmons : Age | Girlfriend | Contract | Net worth

Contract: 5 yr(s) / $177,243,360
Average Salary: $35,448,672
Guaranteed at Signing $177,243,360
Signed Using: Designated Rookie Extension/Bird
Free Agent: 2025 / UFA

In 2022-23, Simmons will earn a base salary of $35,448,672, while carrying a cap hit of $35,448,672 and a dead cap value of $35,448,672.

Net worth 

Reports on Ben Simmons’ net worth are varying, but the most realistic amount seems to be $6 million as he has just begun his rookie extension.

Ben Simmons : Age | Girlfriend | Contract | Net worth

Name Benjamin David Simmons
Net Worth Approx. $6 million
Age 26 years (born July 20 1996)
Residence California
Marital Status Unmarried
Source of Wealth Professional Basketball and Endorsements

For the upcoming 2022-23 NBA season, Ben Simmons will be paid $35,448,672. Simmons signed his Rookie Extension in 2019 and it kicked in during the 2020-21 season.

His contract is worth $177,243,360 for 5 years. He was owed around $33 million and was holding off from playing for the 76ers so he was traded to the Nets. He was fined a hefty amount last season.

Ben Simmons signed a shoe deal with Nike during his rookie year worth $20 million dollars over 5 years that could go up to $40 million. He has also done commercials for Footlocker and Beats by Dre.

He earns an estimated $5 million from endorsements and he is a big fan of COD: Warzone and gaming in general, so he could expect future endorsements in that field as well.

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