Antonio Brown who played as a receiver has now stolen the headlines for a recent video of him exposing himself in a Dubai hotel pool.

Antonio Brown : Dubai pool | Pool video Twitter

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown has ventured into another career endeavor outside of football.

Antonio Brown : Dubai pool | Pool video Twitter

Since NFL teams seem to be done with Brown, he tried his hand at NFL “reporting” Wednesday morning on Twitter. And for his efforts, Brown was called out by ProFootballTalk.

Brown clapped at former Bucs head coach Bruce Arians after he was reportedly reprimanded for his behavior on the sideline during Sunday’s win over the Saints.

Surely Brown thought it’d be funny to poke fun at his former coach but couldn’t even get that right. ProFootballTalk’s social media wasn’t having it and called out AB for not linking to the story he’d referenced, which was theirs..

Antonio Brown Dubai pool 

Ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown was seen sticking his butt out at a woman’s face and brandishing his penis in a Dubai swimming pool. 

Newly released footage of Brown’s trip at the Armani Hotel Dubai on May 14 shows the troubled former football star shoving his bare butt in a stunned woman’s face, who tries to get away. 

Antonio Brown : Dubai pool | Pool video Twitter

Witnesses told the New York Post that as others egged Brown on to keep shoving his butt at her, he then snatched a head scarf from another swimmer and tried to tie it around the woman. 

He proceeded to lift her and slam her into the pool, with one onlooker quipping that ‘He’s waterboarding her.’

Another man responded, ‘He’s giving her the long board.’ 

Brown then flashed his penis at the woman, asking, ‘You want it?’  After the story emerged Saturday, Brown insisted the woman had in fact snatched his trunks for a game, and that he hadn’t done anything to upset her. 

Two witnesses told the Post that Brown continued to flaunt his privates at the woman several times and said multiple people complained to hotel staff about his actions. 

Pool video Twitter 

The former NFL wide receiver was caught on video exposing himself to guests at a hotel pool in the city. He was also seen bothering guests as some look shocked and disturbed by his actions.

The free-agent wideout was caught on tape thrusting his buttocks into the face of a woman in an outdoor swimming pool at a swanky Dubai hotel.

He lifted his private parts out of the water and shoved them in her direction, as guests were in utter shock over what they were witnessing.

The incident happened at the Armani Hotel Dubai back on May 14, 2022. The woman was visibly uncomfortable as the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wideout was way too close for comfort.

Eyewitnesses told the New York Post that the former wide receiver had just met the woman and she was very upset after the encounter.

According to a hotel staffer, Brown was asked to exit the hotel soon after the incident. According to the Post, the hotel had also received previous complaints from other guests about Brown’s behavior

The complaints included Antonio Brown supposedly rejecting the United Arab Emirates’ dress-code custom by displaying his bare chest to guests within the hotel and smoking what they thought smelled like marijuana in his hotel room, which is a breach of the nation’s law.

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