Aston Villa and Swiss football player Alisha Lehmann has long positioned herself as an open lesbian. check out is she lesbian or not.

Alisha Lehmann : Lesbian | Husband name | Couple

Newly-professional FA Women’s Super League’s West Ham United signed Lehmann from BSC YB Frauen in August 2018.

Alisha Lehmann : Lesbian | Husband name | Couple

It was reported that West Ham manager Matt Beard had been impressed by Lehmann’s performances at the 2018 UEFA Women’s Under-19 Championship, which Switzerland hosted.

In April 2019 West Ham extended Lehmann’s contract after she scored nine goals in 30 appearances and helped the club to the Women’s FA Cup final.

On 27 January 2021, it was announced that Lehmann had moved to Everton on loan until the end of the season. At the end of the season, Lehmann joined Aston Villa.

Alisha Lehmann lesbian 

Aston Villa and Swiss football player Alisha Lehmann has long positioned herself as an open lesbian.

The spectacular blond girl has dated her teammate Ramona Bachmann. But, as it turned out, Alisha is attracted not only to girls.

Alisha Lehmann : Lesbian | Husband name | Couple

The couple was getting close to the wedding, but unexpectedly for everyone, Alisha and Ramona broke up.

After the break, Lehmann was often seen in the company of the Aston Villa midfielder, Brazilian Douglas Louis. We wonder if the player has finally moved to the “other camp”.

Alisha’s ex-girlfriend also did not get bored for a long time after breaking up. Because, Ramona Bachmann has already published a photo with a new lover – The french dancer Charlotte Baret.

But, Let’s get acquainted with the football player who broke up with her girlfriend for the Brazilian national team player. The beautiful Alisha Lehmann.

Husband name 

Aston Villa women’s team forward Alisha Lehmann has confirmed that she is in a relationship with Douglas Luiz of the men’s team.

The couple confirmed in November 2021 that they were dating, after Lehmann’s breakup with Paris Saint-Germain’s Ramona Bachmann.

Alisha Lehmann : Lesbian | Husband name | Couple

Lehman posted a picture of her and Luiz passionately kissing on her Instagram with a caption that said: “Te amo” which translates to “Love you”

Luiz responded in the comments by saying “I love you amor”.

Luiz is a 23-year-old Brazilian midfielder, who trained in the youth system of Brazilian side Vasco de Gama.

In 2017, he joined Manchester City on a five-year deal but was quickly loaned out by Pep Guardiola’s side to Girona where he played two seasons in LaLiga Santander.

Aston Villa signed Luiz for 15 million pounds in 2019, and has been linked for a move to Arsenal in the current January transfer window.

Before dating Luiz, Lehmann was in a relationship with her compatriot and PSG forward Ramona Bachmann.

Alisha Lehmann couple 

Aston Villa couple Alisha Lehmann and Douglas Luiz have taken part in a hilarious game of “Mr and Mrs”.

The pair have been dating since the end of last year, having presumably met while both playing Aston Villa.

Lehmann joined the club from West Ham in 2021, while Luiz signed for the men’s side in 2019.

Alisha Lehmann : Lesbian | Husband name | Couple

Lehmann and Luiz took on in the ultimate relationship test while filming social media content for Aston Villa, participating in a game of “Mr and Mrs”.

The couple were asked a series of questions, which they answered by raising a paddle with either their face or their partner’s face on.

They were quizzed on who the smartest was, who the better driver was, and who talked the most, before being asked the killer question – who was the better footballer.

Fortunately, peace was kept in the Lehmann-Luiz household as the players held up both paddles in response.

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