Aaron Rodgers look-alike traveled from Germany to London to watch the Packers play the Giants for Sunday’s Europe game.

Aaron Rodgers : Look alike london | Doppelganger

The Packers fell to 3–2 on Sunday after coming up short against the Giants (4–1) in a 27–22 loss at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

Aaron Rodgers : Look alike london | Doppelganger

Boasting a 20–10 lead going into halftime, Green Bay failed to maintain its advantage thanks, in part, to a second-half meltdown that saw the defense surrender 14 unanswered points. Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers and the offense mustered up 115 yards across three drives, two of which ended in punts.

Despite ending up on the wrong side of the scoreboard, Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander sounded pretty laid back about the loss, telling reporters he’d only be concerned about the team’s direction if they lose next Sunday against the Jets (3-2) at Lambeau Field.

Rodgers, a former Super Bowl MVP who’s helmed numerous winning seasons over the years, is certainly no stranger to success and, clearly, he’s trying to do all he can to ensure the Packers keep their eyes on the prize.

Look alike london 

Fans later learned that Rodgers’ doppelganger was a man named Frank, a software engineer from Munich, Germany.

Frank (whose last name is being withheld for privacy reasons) bought tickets to the Bears vs Packers game last December as a present to his father, unbeknownst to him that he resembled the Green Bay Packers quarterback.

His sister, recognized it, however, and encouraged him to wear the quarterback’s jersey to the game.

On Sunday morning, as the Green Bay Packers made their first trip across the pond to take on the New York Giants, there was a familiar face in attendance. Frank made the trip from Munich to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to watch the Packers in action.

The NFL’s official Instagram page posted a video of Frank on the sidelines dressed in an Aaron Rodgers jersey and hat with his familiar scruffy getup.

Upon arriving in London to watch his Packers, Frank was already being recognized by fans and taking photos.

He has yet to meet the Packers quarterback but was hopeful that he would be able to do that on Sunday and perhaps even get his jersey signed.

Aaron Rodgers doppelganger 

One year ago, Packers fans were shocked when they thought there might be two Aaron Rodgers in this world.

Aaron Rodgers : Look alike london | Doppelganger

The split screen on the national broadcast showed the quarterback on one side and a man named Frank in the other. The German native Frank was at the Packers v. Bears game with his family. His dad, a lifelong Packers fan had always wanted to go.

“It was on his bucket list to go to the LAMBEAU field, and last year me and my sister decided to bring him there,” said Frank.

While at the game, and on TV at the same time, Frank became a viral sensation when his image started to be shared across the world.

“When I was sitting, then someone said you just went viral on NFL the Twitter account on NFL networks… I’m realizing there’s a million views there, it’s crazy” said Frank.

His newfound fame made him a celebrity with people taking his picture everywhere he went.

Frank says “it was weird sometimes, I would go to the toilet and it was like can I take a picture with you? Let’s just wait outside man.”

Aaron Rodgers : Look alike london | Doppelganger

Being the Packers fan he is, Frank went to Sunday’s Packers game in London, taking a flight from Germany to London to see the NFL play in Europe. And while his celebrity status isn’t as big in Europe, Frank says even if his 15 minutes of fame are over, he feels accomplished.

“I can tell myself that one day in my life I made over a million people laugh. That’s the best satisfaction I have from the whole story.”

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