Having the perfect tennis racket ensures that your game is always on-point, so here are 5 different types of tennis rackets to play tennis.

5 Different Types of Tennis Rackets to play tennis.

Before taking a deep dive into the types of tennis rackets you’ll find, it’s important to first discuss the types of materials that you might find your tennis rackets being made of.

While one isn’t inherently “better” than another, some materials are better for players than others. 

While not nearly as popular as they once were, wood tennis rackets are a classic within the back-and-forth game.

These types of tennis rackets can really help bring out the nostalgia of once-was, as professionals steer away from these rackets.

A lot more popular than wooden but not as popular as a composite are metal tennis rackets. The first super-popular metal tennis racket was introduced way back in 1967.

Wilson created the T2000, which was a metal tennis racket that was said to increase power in the swing with use. 

Composite tennis rackets are going to be made out of materials like fiberglass, boron, and kevlar. In the early 1980s, Wilson decided to totally switch gears and focus entirely on crafting these composite tennis rackets.

Other than graphite, you can also purchase high-quality titanium tennis rackets. These types of rackets are lighter than a graphite-based tennis racket and they’re even stiffer. These factors allow for better balance and control during a swing, though your power overall may not be as strong as with a composite or graphite tennis racket.

Finally, the last main type of tennis racket material you’ll come across is graphite. Graphite is incredibly common and incredibly popular for various reasons. These rackets are heavier than titanium but still quite lightweight. 

Now that you’re familiar with the materials that rackets can be made out of, it’s time to learn about the types of rackets themselves.

There are five types of rackets that we’re going to be discussing in-depth today.

  • Kid’s Rackets

This one is pretty self-explanatory: kid’s tennis rackets are tennis rackets designed specifically for the young ones.

For anyone under the age of around 13, kid’s tennis rackets are perfect.

5 Different Types of Tennis Rackets to play tennis.

Since they’re made for the kiddos, these tennis rackets are going to be available in practically any style and design you can think of.

On the same note, they will also be made of the lightest materials possible–typically aluminum.

  • Tweener Rackets

Essentially, “tweener” tennis rackets are your go-to intermediate tennis racket.

Despite what the name might suggest, these tennis rackets are made just for “tweens” or young adults.

5 Different Types of Tennis Rackets to play tennis.

In fact, these types of tennis rackets are ideal for anyone who is truly getting serious about their tennis career–whether it’s professionally or just for fun.

They’re much higher-quality and provide more power than your cheaper aluminum tennis racket. Realistically, whether you’re a pro or just getting started, these rackets are ideal for everyone.

  • Modern Player Rackets

Modern player rackets are just as they sound: tennis rackets that are made for the everyday tennis player.

They are made of materials that are heavier and stronger than your intermediate tennis racket, allowing for a more powerful swing.

5 Different Types of Tennis Rackets to play tennis.

They’re a bit more difficult to maneuver than a tweener tennis racket, so they’re great for those who have some more experience than others.

In fact, even some professionals are choosing to turn towards these types of rackets because of their durability and easy use.

  • Control Rackets

Control rackets are all about–you guessed it–control. These rackets are meant to help you learn how to better control your swing and get your form to be as perfect as possible.

5 Different Types of Tennis Rackets to play tennis.

Typically, these types of unique rackets aren’t recommended for beginners.

In fact, they’re highly suggested for those who are experienced in the sport but are attempting to polish up their skills just a bit.

  • Power Rackets

Opposite of control rackets, power rackets are designed to help you improve the amount of power you put into each swing. Sometimes, it’s difficult to learn how much power is good depending on where you want or need the ball to go.

Power rackets, however, help you increase the power in your swings and get you familiar with the strength you need per stroke.

5 Different Types of Tennis Rackets to play tennis.

Unlike control rackets, power rackets are actually great for beginners. They aren’t too difficult to use, and understanding your own strength is crucial to the game of tennis.

So, whether you’re brand-new to the game or trying to improve your strengths, power rackets are ideal.

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